Intrigue by Arte

“Wallcoverings that will continue to inspire”

New in to the Bibi studio is this fabulous range of 3D padded wallcoverings by Arte. Not only are they incredibly tactile they also have brilliant acoustic effects, are easy to hang and look stunning!


Paper or non- woven wallcoverings naturally spring to mind when you think of wallcoverings.
However with the unique Intrigue collection Arte has once more taken the concept to a completely different level. And even if you have perhaps seen a wall covered with a textile, well, this is just a  little more refined.


The Intrigue collection is the result of a new process that we call thermoforming. As the word might  suggest, heat is used to press a design into the fabric. By heating the fabric it acquires a luxurious satin sheen that reflects the light. It is fascinating to see and irresistible to touch. You also obtain a beguiling interplay of smooth and relief, light and dark, sheen and matte areas.


This new collection features three different designs. The first print, Rosace, is a more graphic design with regular triangles, three-dimensional of course. This produces ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ that showcases the subtle sheen effect. The second design, Caisson, was inspired by a wonderful, old, sculpted panel door, such as those you frequently encounter in the smallest streets of Paris. Design number three, Feuillage, is a tile pattern of leaf designs.

The colour palette is equally pronounced and irrefutably demands your undivided attention. The colours in this collection boast captivating names such as Avorio, Prussia, Fondant, Perla and Felce, which make your imagination run wild. So do you dare to decorate a wall in black, bright blue of poisonous green? As a personal statement? Or do you prefer to play it safe with a more restrained tone?


Intrigue offers another advantage. As a result of the combination of materials used, this wallcovering will influence in a positive way the acoustics in areas where the wallcovering has been installed. It means that voices are immediately muffled in large rooms.
Because the Intrigue collection is produced from supple material, it is also a valuable product for adding a touch of style to less attractive walls. Intrigue is actually highly flexible and very intriguing.


The Intrigue collection is available cut to size and in various widths depending on the chosen design. Rosace is 1,26 m wide; Caisson and Feuillage are both 1,23 m wide.

Arte Wallcoverings are available from Bibi Interior Architecture – Design Centre. Contact us at for more information and prices.

[Text credit to Arte International]

Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little

file file (1) file (2)

Matthew Williamson’s signature motif is given a new exotic interpretation with the use of tiny beads.

This collection caused a stir in the office as soon as the first piece of press arrived, with its bold nature inspired prints and excitingly vibrant colour combinations. It is always very interesting to witness the clash between fashion and interiors, then awe at the resulting genius!


“My collections are known for their print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. The designs encapsulate a bohemian spirit and a laid back sense of glamour.”

Untitled-1  file (3)

An exotic bird with extravagant plumage darts between rich foliage in this stunning fabric and wallpaper print.

file (6) tiger

A magnificent stalking tiger is printed on holographic foil in jewel tones.

file (10) file (13) file (12) 

The fabric features an ornate and elaborate knot motif depicted in embroidery and velvet; The wallpaper is printed in striking ombré on holographic foil.


“Matthew Williamson is internationally renowned for his signature aesthetic; a master of print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. His collections reflect a refined yet spirited sense of glamour inspired by global and artistic influences.

A graduate from the prestigious Central Saint Martins college, Matthew Williamson showed his critically acclaimed debut collection ‘Electric Angels’ in 1997. Celebrating 15 years in fashion last year, the brand’s inimitable style has long appealed to both celebrities and industry insiders alike and counts long-time friend Sienna Miller amongst its many devotees.

Matthew Williamson’s love of colour, pattern and texture has been paired with Osborne & Little’s savoir faire in furnishing fabrics and wallpaper.” –