Mirror Mirror on the Wall


It’s all too easy in home interior design to get carried away with choosing specific items or colour to emulate that all important “wow-factor”. Often people want to use bold statement wallpaper or vibrant colours which will undoubtedly take ones breath away, but are not always necessary or even suitable for the space. So, my answer of the moment? To make your space jaw-dropping without going over the top is to simply reflect.


Caadre Mirror from Fiam

Mirrors are not just home accessories and decoration, they are also tools which can be used in various ways to change the atmosphere of your home and can be a very inexpensive way to add grandeur to your home (without the need for tearing down walls).


Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Dark rooms often give a sense of less space and crowding in. Such rooms can benefit from good positioning of a mirror or series of mirrors. One of the best ways to do this is to position a mirror on the opposite wall to a window, that way the light penetrating the room will be instantly reflected in the mirror and will make the space feel more open and airy.

                Gallery Mirror from Fiam

2. Narrow Hallways can be transformed with a large mirror to open up the area and give a less confined impression.

P1030140 Untitled-3

Puzzle mirror from Christopher Guy





3. Using mirrors behind feature lighting and lamps can help to brighten up dark corners of a room and help to diffuse the light around the space. We particularly like when this effect is used at either side of a bed creating a glamorous focal point to the room.







Louisiana headboard from Frato


1 all lights

Bespoke headboard design by Bibi Interiors

4. Don’t be scared to be creative. Exuberant and glamorous mirrors can look absolutely stunning and make impressive statements. The same goes for highly modern and contemporary mirrors for those minimal homes.

Sturm und Drang 02 (1)       COLOUR ON COLOUR_01

Strum und Drang mirror from Glas Italia                                           Colour on Colour mirrors by Glas Italia

5. Mirror on furniture is a great way to incorporate all the benefits from mirror without dedicating wall space. Now this can be over done, but if you get the balance right it can look gorgeous. My advice is to go for items which aren’t completely mirror but are broken up with an alternative material, this also gives a far more luxurious feel to the piece of furniture.


Paris-Hive Sideboard from Frato                                                           Illusion side tables from Glas Italia


All products featured in this article are available from Bibi Interiors.

Maison & Objet–Paris 2014 (part 2)


Hall 4 & 5 were named “Interior Decoration” and were laden with decorative products ranging from furniture to artificial flowers. Many of the stands were simply stunning, and a great opportunity for the exhibitioners to showcase their products within home-style set-ups. It was interesting to see how the different companies had chosen to showcase their stand depending on what they envisioned best illustrates their brand identity.

IMG_4084 IMG_3681

Bold patterns combined with an elegant neutral colour palette embodied this stand. I loved how the apples in glass cases added a bright injection of colour.


IMG_3691 IMG_3693

IMG_3690 IMG_3692

Here you can see how different this stand is to the first pictures, I have to admit this was one of my favourites. I adore the styling and all the products work so well together to create a very homely and complete looking stand. The pairing of antique and chrome finishes balance perfectly and there were a lot of individual accessories.


IMG_3703 IMG_3704

IMG_3706 IMG_3705

IMG_3708 IMG_4115

This stand was by far the most unusual when compared with the others. The stand was divided in to a number of smaller spaces, each with dynamic lighting and unusual choice of flooring. A lot of the pieces are perfect examples of ‘indoor/outdoor’ furniture, which explained the very organic feel to the whole stand.  One thing I can’t show you in pictures was the music, with each room playing a different pure and calming melody….I could have stayed there all day!


IMG_3696 IMG_4109

 IMG_4111 IMG_3695

Cream soft furnishings offset on a dark background with a striking black and white striped wallpaper. The contrast between the naturally treated wood and the high-shine chrome legs on the table finishes worked so glamorously together. The stand was packed with useful accessories and luxurious finishes.