Maison & Objet–Paris 2014 (part 2)


Hall 4 & 5 were named “Interior Decoration” and were laden with decorative products ranging from furniture to artificial flowers. Many of the stands were simply stunning, and a great opportunity for the exhibitioners to showcase their products within home-style set-ups. It was interesting to see how the different companies had chosen to showcase their stand depending on what they envisioned best illustrates their brand identity.

IMG_4084 IMG_3681

Bold patterns combined with an elegant neutral colour palette embodied this stand. I loved how the apples in glass cases added a bright injection of colour.


IMG_3691 IMG_3693

IMG_3690 IMG_3692

Here you can see how different this stand is to the first pictures, I have to admit this was one of my favourites. I adore the styling and all the products work so well together to create a very homely and complete looking stand. The pairing of antique and chrome finishes balance perfectly and there were a lot of individual accessories.


IMG_3703 IMG_3704

IMG_3706 IMG_3705

IMG_3708 IMG_4115

This stand was by far the most unusual when compared with the others. The stand was divided in to a number of smaller spaces, each with dynamic lighting and unusual choice of flooring. A lot of the pieces are perfect examples of ‘indoor/outdoor’ furniture, which explained the very organic feel to the whole stand.  One thing I can’t show you in pictures was the music, with each room playing a different pure and calming melody….I could have stayed there all day!


IMG_3696 IMG_4109

 IMG_4111 IMG_3695

Cream soft furnishings offset on a dark background with a striking black and white striped wallpaper. The contrast between the naturally treated wood and the high-shine chrome legs on the table finishes worked so glamorously together. The stand was packed with useful accessories and luxurious finishes.